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We Voluntary Help for Almost 0 Years

Merciful Charity Organization is a nonprofit that makes it easy and safe to give to projects anywhere in the world, while providing local organizations the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective

We connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. Donate to charity and see your impact with regular updates.

Mission: To Change the Life of Those, Who Have no Hope!

There is no change in the future, no matter how many sweeping changes blow through our world unless we raise ourselves.. That is the only hope for our crippling guilt, and this organization is the best place to achieve this aim of making the world together a better place. Your quota of help will be felt globally with our medium


Our vision in Merciful Charity Organization is for an ideal future, as articulated in a new mission statement, was to be “open, honest and safe us the best at home, at work and in the community

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